Your Donation will provide Clean and accessible Water to those that are not fortunate.
The need for water in many parts of Africa, especially in Eastern Africa is a desperate than ever. At the beginning of 2011 Thousands of human and animals lives were lost due to the increased drought that caused shortage of water. Juba vision was motivated by such difficulties, and Juba Vision will stand up and help by providing accessible clean water to the people that are in desperate situation.
To make sure educations is accessible in Africa (East Africa); Juba Vision’s goal is to building schools and supply educational materials to those that lack education. Eradicate illiteracy through the power of Education Our goal is to open the doors of opportunity by educating people in major towns and small villages to make sure educations is accessible to everybody.
This picture is from the Internal Displaced People in Kismayo, Lower Juba, Somalia.

Juba Vision aims to offer training on preventable, sexually transmitted and foodborne diseases.Also, Environmental degradation is the cause of droughts, and Juba vision will stand up to educate people the importance of the environment and the effects of environmental deforestation.